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Kensington can provide a state of the art, 3D design and architectural rendering service throughout Chiang Mai, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia. This exceptional service will be of particular interest to individuals, companies, developers and architects who are looking for the very best in three dimensional design and architectural rendering.

So many developments are now sold off plan and it is essential for productive sales to occur, that the images on display to the potential customers, are of the very highest quality possible. Competition is fierce and if you want to stand out from the rest, you need to employ the services of a company that really do know what

they are doing. The difference in quality images can be the difference in securing a sale or not. Through their unique creative talents they will breath life into a development exciting both you the customer and any potential investors.

Kensington's service is provided by our team of specialists who dedicate their days to providing the very best 3D imagery, architectural designs and rendering. They are extremely experienced and have worked on many luxury developments including condominiums, luxury house projects, hotels, resorts and commercial buildings. Through their imaginative creations, seductive colours and amazing designs they

have assisted in countless sales for developers in Chiang Mai, Thailand and abroad.

Each project is different and they will work with you to create the very best possible images that will provide an invaluable sales tool. Once completed to the customer's satisfaction, they will form an integral part of your project, allowing you to display the project in the finest possible way. Potential purchasers and/or investors naturally wish to see how your development or property is going to look like when completed; 3D design /architectural renderings are the most productive way to do this. It allows them to gain an idea of what they are considering purchasing and to visualize the finished property. It creates and stimulates desire and via the imaginative designs, could be the difference between gaining a sale or not.

The enthusiastic team all has architectural backgrounds and fully understand the quality necessary, as well as the need to combine the designs with the architectural plans. They can and will work with you from concept to completion and assist in anyway they can to assure an excellent outcome.

Please contact Kensington for further details and to arrange a meeting.

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