Thailand Design & Build Service - Kensington offer a full design service in Thailand.

Thailand Custom House Builders

Kensington is happy to provide you with a custom house build service in Thailand

Kensington is Thailand's foremost custom house builders and a top quality construction company. Kensington have simplified custom house building, allowing people, for the very first time in Thailand, to build their dream home with no hassle whatsoever and to a quality rarely matched in Thailand. The prices are excellent and the service superb. They are simply the very best at what they do.

So if you really are serious about having a home in Thailand, why not consider the rewarding and hassle free option of having Kensington build you a property. For so many reasons it is a productive, profitable and enjoyable experience, allowing you a taste of what Hollywood stars have enjoyed for so long. Contact Kensington and take the next step in creating a truly incredible lifestyle. You will not regret it !

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Thailand Custom Built Homes

If you are looking to have a home of any sort in Thailand, you really should consider a custom built house. For so many reasons it is an amazing option and one everyone should at least think about. Custom built homes offer probably your best value for money in property. They are considered to be more exclusive, more luxurious and often

far better quality than most developments. Long was it the preserve of the rich and famous, but now many people are realising just how incredible having a custom built house is.

What is so fantastic in Kensington's case is that they do it for such amazing prices and to such high levels of quality. They take such good care of you the customer and take every hassle and problem away. From design to completion their wonderful team of professionals will build you an amazing home, whether it's a 5 million baht bungalow, 10m baht luxury house with pool, or a 15 million baht exclusive

house with pool, gym and Jacuzzi. Each customer is treated with the same degree of care and attention.

You can customise your own home to your specific requirements, budget and style. Maybe you like the Mediterranean style, Balinese, Thai, Villa, English Tudor or minimalistic. Or perhaps you prefer the country house look, or even a one of a kind, ultra modern designer home. Whatever your ideas, Kensington can easily turn them into a

reality. They offer a hassle free simple service where they help you every step of way, from initial concepts, to designs, to full set of architectural drawings, permissions and then on to the complete construction of the property, including interior design and finish.

The choices are endless and the whole process is not only very exciting, but also so rewarding. You can decide on number of bedrooms, types/number of bathrooms, size of property, features such as swimming pools and external works such as landscaping. The choices are yours to make

and Kensington will help you implement them. Building your own house could not be any easier!

So if you are looking for a home or a house of any type, size or price, then contact Kensington. They offer free quotation, free conceptual design and will help in everyway they can. Kensington have simplified the custom house building service and if its quality, value for money and a hassle free service, then contact Kensington.


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