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Lighting Design in Thailand

Lighting Design

Kensington provide a fabulous lighting design and installation service in Thailand. If you are looking to dazzle friends and amaze clients then this is the service for you. Stand out from the crowd, be seen at night and create that ‘wow factor’ to your home or business. Kensington are dedicated to providing creative and functional lighting designs in Thailand; whether a private home, condominium, villa, restaurant, hotel, shop, bank, government building, office, resort, bar or club. We can help you turn that dull interior or exterior into something very special. We can work closely with your chosen contractor or assist with the installation ourselves.


Prices vary according to your choices and you will be amazed at how much you can do for a very reasonable cost. So don’t be left out in the dark, if you are planning a home or wish to discuss further contact us now and see what wonderful lighting designs are available.

Bars • Restaurants • Houses • Shops • Hotels • Resorts • Condominiums

Department Stores • Offices • Temples • Spas • Museums

Hospitals • Government Buildings • Schools • Gardens • Parks • Factories

Private Homes

Kensington can help you design and install a wonderful array of lighting displays; specialist lighting that will illuminate your home at night turning it into something only dreams are made of. Enhance your garden at night, light up your drive way, create atmosphere in your rooms and spread colour to your home.


There is no doubt a home with proper lighting design can change the whole way it looks at night; not only does it accentuate the architecture of the building but makes you home stand out in spectacular style. From a sale factor it definitely makes the home more desirable and a home that stands out always attracts more acclaim. Contact us now to see how you can turn your home into something special.

Commercial Lighting Design

Kensington’s specialist consultant is able to assist you illuminate your business or organization. Be noticed, be seen and be remembered. You’re in business for people to talk about you. All businesses require to be noticed and to remain in people’s memories for a long time afterwards.


With dazzling displays of light you can create a marketing tool that is just as powerful as magazine articles, promotions and any manner of PR campaigns. Word of mouth is one of the most productive forms of PR and if you give clients the “wow” factor they will talk and they will tell other people.


A building lit properly at night can seduce and amaze. It is highly seductive and creates wonder from any passerby. It also attracts people towards your business and can without question lead to new customers. For your existing clients it creates atmosphere and memories.


There are so many varieties, from the simple to the sophisticated. The consultant can assist you create whatever atmosphere you are trying to achieve and design lighting displays that will create new exciting variations. Be seen and light up you business. Contact us now for further discussion.

Attract More Customers

A well illuminated business can be seen. It catches the eye and creates conversation. Restaurants, shops, hotels and bars that take this seriously often attract more customers than those who choose to remain in the dark. Dull lighting, badly lit businesses say nothing to the client that is positive. It  does  not  attract  potential  new  business nor

create excitement or stimulation. A truly well designed lighting system is a most productive, positive and an amazing addition to any commercial enterprise.


It is something no business owner should ignore, as it certainly stimulates, pleases and attracts attention from both potential new customers as well as existing ones. This is equally true for dimly lit environments with a less illuminate, more relaxed atmosphere, as it does brightly lit places. The choices are you to create whatever situation and mood you


require. Contact us now and see how you can uplift, dazzle and charm potential new customers; as well as satisfy existing ones.

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