Chiang Mai Design & Build Service - Kensington offer a full design service in Chiang Mai.

Kensington's Price Promise - Value for Money !

Kensington provide you with the best possible quality for the lowest possible price !

Kensington's promise to you is to provide a quality construction service at a fair and reasonable price. They are highly competitive on price for the excellent quality and service they provide. Due to their experience, purchasing power and comprehensive knowledge of construction in Thailand, they know where to get the best discounts, how to reduce costs without affecting the quality and how to provide you, with a final product that you can be confident has been built correctly.

They price according to the cost of construction in Thailand and are happy to work within your budgets. In many instances, many of the properties they build for customers result in the customer having a property that is worth more than they paid for it!

All properties are built on a stage payment basis, so you can see the completion of each stage, before making another payment. This allows you to pay over the course of construction.

They offer you a structural guarantee and legal contracts that protect you in the construction process. They provide 24/7 help/advice and a promise that you will get value for money!


If you have any questions please send an e-mail to
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