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Thailand Building Costs Why Use Kensington

Building Costs

Building costs in Thailand do vary depending on your choice of design, grades of materials, quality and finishes. Kensington are extremely competitive and provide high quality at a very reasonable price.

They have built property from small, 3 bedroom bungalows for as little as 2.5 million Baht, to large luxury homes costing anything from 7 million Baht to 35 million Baht. The cost depends so much on what you decide you want. This is why Kensington supplies you with a written quotation giving you an individual cost for your specific project.

You will see homes for sale from as little as 1 million Baht and prices as high as 60 million Baht. In Thailand prices do not necessarily indicate the quality of the home. However, like any country there is some truth in the saying, you get what you pay for.

As an experienced building company in Thailand, Kensington can help you construct a property and help you save money when possible. Building costs in Thailand are lower than in Europe or the USA and Kensington can help you build your dream home, for considerably less than it would cost there. Please see the testimonials page of happy, satisfied customers that have benefited from Kensington's help and assistance.

All costs are carefully looked at and they make sure you get as much for your money as possible. Our professional Quantity Surveyor checks all material lists and their costs to make sure everything is correct. They are also happy to assist you gaining local building permissions and guide through the various stages.

Kensington are happy to work with you and the architect, keeping within your set budget. Alternatively, you can tell them what you want, supply a set of plans and they can then build from there. They always provide you with a written quotation and a professional legal contract to protect you and them against any misunderstandings. Payments are made over the course of construction, which means each stage is complete before you make further payments.

For any further information, or if you would like us to provide you a quotation, then please contact Kensington

Why Use Kensington

The building process can be highly enjoyable; however it can also be laden with problems and hassles. Problems normally occur because of a lack of understanding of the construction process, high expectations in a foreign country, language barriers and a lack of knowledge of the differences in building outside one's own country. This is only natural if one has never built a property before and is multiplied when one does it in a foreign place.

However this does not need to be the case. Kensington takes all the hassles and problems away from you. They are experienced not only in the construction process, but have valuable knowledge of building in Thailand. Their trained workforce deal with all the day to day running of the construction and you can be confident the property is built correctly.

Kensington offer you a structural guarantee and work closely with you, to make sure you are happy with your new property. They provide 24/7 help/advice and a promise that you will get value for money ! They can assist you in every way possible and make sure it is an enjoyable process.

Building standards do differ quite a bit abroad and it is very important to grasp this before starting your construction. Kensington guarantee quality and make sure your property is built to the highest standards possible.

For your Free Quotation, please contact Kensington and let them guide you through the construction process in Thailand.

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