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Disclaimer: www.chiangmaibuilders.com is a web site that provides information for your interest in a particular service. It has been produced by a third party and is created with good will and intention. It is not a legally binding contract and is here to offer you helpful information on a company that provides a service in a particular area of business. Kensington Company Limited and/or any of their directors/employees/shareholders waiver/waivers any liability legally or otherwise in its detailed accuracy and can not be held accountable in any way, for any information that may be incorrect or you find misleading. This applies equally to the web designers www.pattayamedia.com. If you decide to use Kensington Company Limited's services, a professional legally binding contract will be provided by a registered Thai lawyer and is bound by the official laws of Thailand. This is done to protect both Kensington Company Limited and the individual customer who has entered into that agreement/contract. We hope the web site provides you with useful information that may assist you in finding the service you are looking for.


If you have any questions please send an e-mail to sales@ken.co.th
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